Jericho Coffee and the environment

We are very keen to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can, and we serve our takeaway coffees in compostable cups. Our lids and straws are also compostable, though we very much encourage the use of KeepCups and reusable water bottles. We have our very own KeepCups for sale, and water bottles. We also sell reusable straws.

Our high street café is part of the Refill scheme where anyone can refill their water bottle, at any time. People can also refill their own receptacles with their beans straight from the roastery.

At the espresso bar we use milk from the Estate Dairy – milk specially formulated to be good at texturing for coffee. Our cakes are all made locally by Barefoot Bakery, and we also toast crumpets, make porridge, and serve pastries from the Natural Bread Company. We love sourcing locally made produce!

We have recently been in the Oxford news as we achieved the top award for reducing plastic use. This has inspired us a lot, and we are constantly thinking of ways to reduce this further.

Where is your coffee from?

We source the green beans directly from the farms via a coffee trader, and change our coffees seasonally. Many of the coffee farms we use are affiliated with charities such as Rainforest Alliance and “Girls Gotta Run”.

Can I buy your coffee for home use?

We offer a coffee subscription service where you can order beans, whole or ground, straight to your door, with free postage in the UK. We taste our coffee (called coffee ‘cupping’) daily so we can get the most from the beans. We roast to our customer’s personal taste, and can provide coffee in 227g, 500g and 1kg bags.

We are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful team working with us. They are all as passionate as we are about coffee, and are regularly told off for “coffee nerding”!

Hold on, what even is speciality coffee?

When it comes to coffee, there are two species that are often sold for us all to drink: Coffea Canephora or Robusta as it’s commonly known and Coffea Arabica, the latter of which makes up 70% of the world’s total coffee production.

This is where things get really interesting because speciality coffee is only the top 2-3% of Arabica. How do we know? Well the Speciality Coffee Association has certified tasters called Q Graders who assess all coffee produced and score it from 1 to 100.  Anything scoring 80 and above is regarded as speciality coffee. So, it’s not just better because we say it is!

We don’t believe in coffee snobbery, in buying speciality grade coffee it ensures that more money is going back to all the producers at origin. It also means a more delicious and pleasurable experience for you, our customers. Taste is subjective but we believe these coffees cater to all tastes and palettes. If you like dark chocolate and nuts in your espresso or bold punchy fruit in your filter, we’ve got you covered.

How do you roast your coffee?

First things first, none of our coffees are darkly roasted, but fear not! Coffee doesn’t need to be roasted dark to taste delicious. You can still find all those familiar flavours you love in our espresso or filtered roasted coffee. Want a smack of dark chocolate in that espresso? No problem! A big punchy fruit bowl in your filter, sorted!

The key is not how light or dark you roast, it’s how well you develop the coffee. Each coffee is different but generally our espresso roasts are a little more developed than our filter, focusing more on the body of the coffee and how well it pairs with milk. If we had to classify our roasting profile on a scale of light to dark we would say we land somewhere between light (‘city roast’) and medium (‘full city’).

How do you prepare your coffee?

In both our Oxford High Street and Roastery cafés we can make a selection of espresso-based drinks, as well as batch brewed filter coffee and aeropress on the High Street. We want to make filter coffee respectable again, it’s such a great reflection of a coffee’s quality and that’s why you’ll always find a fresh pot brewed up in the cafe. Pop in and try some!

What is cold brew anyway and do you sell it?

It is literally just coffee brewed with cold water over a longer period of time. This produces a smooth, low acid coffee that’s great to drink over ice. And as luck would have it, we sell it!  We brew our own cold brew in house, even serving it with nitro in our High Street cafe to give a velvety, Guinness-like texture.

What milk alternatives do you offer?

We stock delicious oat milk, almond milk and soya milk for a refreshing dairy alternative. The oat milk blends particularly well with our house blend!

Help! I’ve had too much caffeine today! What other drinks do you sell?

We can mix you up a mean decaf mocha, a velvety hot chocolate or a comforting Chai latte. We also offer a selection of cold drinks.