Kiwi James and his wife Lizzie had always been in love with the idea of having their own café, often scheming about how they would go about starting a business. The opportunity came in 2009 when they found a beautiful three-wheeled Vespa Piaggio Ape for sale on the side of the road, and both thought: “that needs a coffee machine on the back of it”! And so, a coffee business was born…

First Steps...

In the beginning James and Lizzie served coffee on the Magdalen Bridge in Oxford, and later in the Radcliffe Camera Square. Soon after came farmer’s markets, college balls and events. Being a part of the Oxford community was, and still is, a huge part of the Jericho business.

When the opportunity arose to move into a pop-up café off of Oxford High Street, James and Lizzie purchased their own roaster to enable them to roast their own coffee beans for the café.

The Start of JCT

It wasn’t long before a few establishments started asking the duo to roast their coffee – the first, Turl Street Kitchen, still does to this day.

The coffee was roasted in the popular Jericho district of Oxford, and so Jericho Coffee Traders was born. When the pop-up café closed Jericho Coffee Traders began wholesale roasting, getting a bigger roaster and gaining more customers in the process.

JCT Today

Now, Jericho Coffee Traders proudly serves customers from their flagship espresso bar on Oxford’s high street. They also have a roastery and café on the Osney Mead Industrial Estate, roasting coffee for their own shops as well as for their wholesale customers.

You can also order JCT coffee online through the shop, along with coffee equipment for both consumers and wholesale.