The right equipment is a vital ingredient for producing coffee of a consistently sky-high standard. We’re honoured to have teamed up with the best in San Remo and Victoria Arduino for espresso machines and grinders; along with Curtis and Marco for filter coffee and hot water delivery.

San Remo Espresso Machines

We’ve been working with San Remo since the beginning. The usability and functionality of their machines is second to none. Temperature and pressure stability, crucial to consistent extraction, in their machines is definitely industry leading. Added to this, they’re down to earth, honest and very easy to deal with.

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Victoria Arduino

The Mythos One grinder is quiet, fast and extremely accurate - the perfect compliment to our range of espresso machines. They’ve become the industry standard in speciality coffee, very easy to control and adjust when needed - a game changing grinder. VA have also recently installed a White Eagle espresso machine in our roastery which we are loving!

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Filter Coffee & Tea

Filter coffee and tea are always popular additions in a shop. We work with Curtis Filter brewers, and Marco for totally controllable hot water delivery.

We have also established an awesome relationship with Canton Tea, and love to propel their passion for brews and infusions.

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Our Coffee

We aim to bring out the true flavours of incredible coffee beans whilst supporting farms, charities and cooperatives.

We roast on a South African Genio roaster and have a great relationship with the guys in South Africa who are always on hand to lend their expertise, helping us ensure you get the best flavour.

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Shop Setup and Barista Training

Everything you need to get your shop up and running. We can advise on everything from the ideal layout of the shop to the equipment you may need. We also love to train budding baristas to crack out amazing cups of joe every time.

If you're interested in our setup and training services simply get in touch to discover more.

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