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Our Barista Coffee School Is Now Open!

Have you ever wanted to improve your coffee-making skills, whether latte art, brewing or cupping?

Now we can help you with our coffee school for budding baristas!

We've launched our first course "Coffee Enthusiast Experience" which you can book now and we have two more courses that we're fine-tuning. These will take place at our Oxford Roastery - more information on all these courses below.

We'll also be offering courses online in the not too distant future if you prefer distance-learning.

Coffee Enthusiast Experience

  • Duration: 3hrs (10:00 to 13:00)
  • Price: £70 per person
  • Class size: 6 people
  • Availability: BOOK THIS COURSE NOW

This is an interactive and fun course for coffee enthusiasts of all levels. You'll explore the different variety of coffees we offer and discover how we source & roast our beans.

During the day you'll learn how to brew the best coffee via a variety of methods and taste how the roast and variety of bean changes the flavour and mouthfeel of the coffee. This will be a hands on class ideal for all coffee lovers!

Latte Art

  • Duration: 3hrs (10:00 to 13:00)
  • Price: £70 per person
  • Class size: 6 people
  • Availability: COMING SOON

Our ‘Latte Art’ is a hands-on course for coffee lovers who want to up their milk game!

You'll get to understand the science behind steaming and texturing milk and how the temperature of the milk can affect the pouring.

You also learn how to pull the perfect espresso and create a number of different latte art patterns. From hearts to more intricate designs.

This interactive course will give you all the skills you need to impress your friends and family!

Barista Training

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Price: P.O.A
  • Class size: up to 6 people
  • Availability: COMING SOON

Our Barista Training focuses on the practical skills required become a barista or to take your skills to the next level.

This course is perfect for businesses who wish to train new and current staff or individuals who want to fast-track their Barista journey.

During the course you'll learn how to use all of the high-end coffee shop equipment and techniques to make all varieties of coffee and other popular drinks.

Register your interest 

Until we confirm dates for the Latte Art and Barista training courses, you can register your interest below and we'll email you with more details as soon as we have them.

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